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We invite Global Young Achievers from all walks of life to join APAC Young Elites Association. Our aim is to build an effective and energetic network, foster regional teamworks and tap into each other's resources. We host casual EliteMeets now and again, plus an annual BIG PARTY!

APAC Young Elites Association is pleased to bring you Mr. Yaniv Corem from Israel. In this event, Yaniv will share with us his Play Thinking Framework and some hands on challenges. Don't miss out!

About Yaniv

Yaniv Corem | CEO at Playful Labs

Yaniv is the Co-Founder and CEO of Playful Labs, where he works with companies like Pfizer, Google, and Education Cities to develop strategies for meaningful interactions between people and products.

Before launching Playful Labs, Yaniv was a member of the Social Technologies group at IBM Research and later part of the Changing Places group at the MIT Media Lab.

Yaniv received two Master’s degrees from MIT, one in Computer Science and another in Design + Computation. He earned his Bachelor degree in Architecture from the Technion in Israel.

About Play Thinking

Are your customers overwhelmed by products and services competing for their attention?

How do you get your message across?

More importantly, how do you get them to take action? Not just any action, but the action you want!

At the core of every business are people. Whether it's customers, employees, or stakeholders, people are what drives every successful business. What then, drives people? Motivation and engagement are crucial to any business.

Hi, my name is Yaniv and I've spent years of research looking for the secrets to motivation. What makes people take action and then keep moving in the face of an obstacle? Your customer experience is not perfect and it never will be. Your customers will face obstacles. The question is are they motivated enough to overcome these obstacles? Or will they give up and go to the competitor?

After looking at games, design, psychology, behavioral economics, brain and cognitive science, I created the Play Thinking - a framework for engineering motivation. Join me and find out how Play Thinking can help you build customer experiences that engage and delight.

Oh, one more thing...one lucky person will go home with a cool deck of Play Thinking cards!

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Sat Oct 24, 2015
6:30 PM - 9:40 PM SGT
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